Thursday, August 7, 2014

| E L E G Y | - H O L D I N G ● T H E ● M O O N

| E L E G Y | - H O L D I N G ● T H E ● M O O N

Hair: "Dream of Paradise" by Exile

Skin:  Cassia "Drow" by Glam Affair

Ears: "Fishy Ears" by []Trap[]

Body: SLink Physique MESH Body by SLink

Mesh Hands & Feet: Avatar Enhancement by SLink

Body Design : | E L E G Y | "Obsidian" Black Oil Body Paint 
(SLink Physique Applier) by 

To preview the entire | E L E G Y| collection, visit the 

Sunday, August 3, 2014

| E L E G Y |

| E L E G Y |

Hair: "Blown Away" by EXILE

Skin: "Cassia Fantasy - Drow" by GLAM AFFAIR

Eyes: "Nebula Sky" by DEAD APPLES

Ears: "Fishy Ears" by TRAP

Body: "Physique MESH Body" by SLINK

Piercings, Makeup, Physique Appliers:
(Coming soon - join the subscriber to be notified)

This collection will be available in SLink Hands, Feet, Physique Appliers, 
as well as WowMeh, Lola's Tango, and Phat/Cute Azz Appliers.

Preview for the upcoming | E L E G Y | collection release
at "We Love Role-Play".

Saturday, August 2, 2014

- .HoD. - for WowMeh Weekends

For those of you who have not yet purchased
any of the applier editions of the "Sanvean"
collection recently released, now is your chance!

Drop by this weekend to take a look,
 and come grab your items while they are on special promotion 
for up to 50% OFF!

(PS: The WowMeh Applier sets come WITH the matching facial paints!)

Sunday, July 20, 2014

- .HoD. - for {Tengoku no Rakuen} Furimaketto

For July's round of Tengoku No Rakuen  Furimaketto, 
Haus of Darcy is putting out one of the best selling piercing sets
for 50% off!

- . HoD. - End Of The Night Piercing Set

UNISEX, face & chest piercing with 3 metals and 16 "infected" 
tattoo layers all included.

Friday, July 11, 2014

- .HoD. - VIP GROUP - Free Gifts Time!

SLink Physique Appliers are now available for the
Sanvean Collection from Haus of Darcy!

You have many packs to choose from, each coming with
their own built in features for hand and feet body paint appliers.

Also included in the release is a UNISEX pack with 7 cosmetic tattoos,
as well as 2 separate SLink hands and feet appliers for those of you
who do not own mesh bodies, or who just need both male and female versions.


With the release of the Sanvean SLink Physique Appliers, 
- .HoD. - Haus of Darcy members have 5 FREE gift sets to choose from.
As featured in the photo, a special edition of the Sanvean body paints was created
exclusively for this gift and features not only a SLink Physique pack, 
but also packs for Tangos, Phat/Cute Azz, WowMeh, and a UNISEX pack
with 7 special edition cosmetic tattoos (including the hands & feet appliers). 

Not yet a member? Visit the Haus Collection shop to join 
and receive any, or all the mentioned VIP gifts for absolutely FREE!

(The Sanvean Collection and all appliers are located on the 2nd floor)

Friday, June 6, 2014

░ S A N V E A N ░

H I M:

H A I R: booN 1 & 2

E A R S: []Trap[] 

S K I N: Tableau Vivant

H A N D S / F E E T: SLink (MESH Enhancement) 

B O D Y: 

- .HoD. - Sanvean Full Body Tattoo (SLink Compatible) - Blacks
- .HoD. - Sanvean SLink Hands & Feet Appliers - Blacks

H E R:

H A I R: +Spellbound+ 

E A R S: []Trap[] 

S K I N: Pink Fuel "Moon" Drow Skin 

B R E A S T S: Lola's TANGO (MESH) 

AZZ: Cute Ass by L.Inc 

H A N D S / F E E T: SLink (MESH Enhancement Version) 

B O D Y: 

- .HoD. - Sanvean Full Body Paint - Whites (Short)
- .HoD. - Breast Tango Appliers - Whites
- .HoD. - Sanvean SLink Hands v1 & Feet Appliers - Whites
- .HoD. - Sanvean Azz Appliers - White (Short)